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Relient | Raging Tides

Welcome To Relient!

>>  Relient is a fun, casual, and helpful level 3 faction in Perfect World International - Raging Tides. We currently welcome all classes 40 and above, who feel and understand the joy it brings to help others. We do not tolerate disrespect, drama, or pure laziness. This faction was established to make your time on PWI more enjoyable, as you will be surrounded by other members who love to have a good time.

>>  Our members are active in FB/BH/TT and pursuing our way towards Frostcovered City and Territory Wars. Our exprience is limited but on a side note, we did hold Island of B. Dreams for a whole week. :)

>>  We only have two very simple rules in Relient. First and foremost, common sense. Trolling doesn't make you any cooler, so don't do it. We will not power level you and we will not baby you; however, if you need a boss killed or an fb done, we will make sure it happens. Second, respect. PWI is an interactive game with real life people. That means real life emotions. Be respectful to other players, especially those who are only trying to help. We need to rely on each other to get further in this game, after all, this is Relient.


Relient dispanding

Nikitae, Dec 18, 10 9:54 AM.
Helloo everyone!

This time i have sum bad news to tell you all..

We have all worked really hard and have put alot of effort, into Relient this past year.
Now is the time to keep the memories that we have had and continue onwards.

I have had really good memories about every player in our little family and would like to thank you and wish you the best of luck where ever you go ingame or irl. Always remember we got dis!

Why the dispand?
Alot of players went into a holiday from the game this frustrated the players that still play and ofsource the highlvl players will get bored cus they can't do anything just help everyone. That endless hamster wheel :D This ain't fair to the still playing part of the Relient.

Also it is not fair to the players that are in a holiday. Have fun irl whatever you do and rock the world ^-^

Join our group in the facebook "Relient / Raging Tide" so that we can keep in touch with eachothers :)

I have heard 85+ of our ppl went to Varden maybe you will join us there ;)

Materials that people has been giving out has been distriputed to other players already :)

Relient leader will be Kashle if sumone wants to gather the group later on.. I will send ingame mail to everyone in Relient currently to check this news and kick everyone out right after.. I love you guys and girls <3

Thnx everyone for the journey! It was fun! :)

New wave ^-^

Nikitae, Nov 12, 10 5:51 PM.
Helloo Relient!

Alot of things has been happening these days i wanna explain em for you guys and girls.

Relient in facebook! This is a place for current, new, old Relient members :)

Leadership change from Parvarti to Nikitae
As you may know Parv's computer is really acting up so she can't play at all..
So we decided to change the leadership after awhile to me.
When Parv can play again we are going to change that back.
We don't want you guys to think that leader is inactive just cus not online..
Parv is still in with the desicion making process :)

Gratz to Bladekrieger for the director position!
Blade has been really helpful for the whole Relient era so he is really fit for the director position and the responsibilites that it brings.
This little dude was a long time the only one who gathered the materials for TT runs and gears even paid his little sister to run the matt routes! Everyone should thank blade for making this available for everyone! Thnx Blade!

Would you like to help Relient to grow even more? Would an officer position suit you?
Relient is almost 1 year old faction and we are really proud that we have mate really cool people along the way. There has been drama, fun everything in between. Sum ppl has quitted the game but they have been giving us really good feedback about us being really helpful and family feeling is around.

Also alot of our old members are taking a break out of pwi and trying out new games. This results as inactive officers and i pondered what to do so that we can carry on?
Since day one our promotions has been going on, looking at the activity and helpfulness inside the game.
This is important for the family faction feeling we wanna give out!

Now i wanna change this abit and let you tell what could you do for the faction? Why would you be a good officer?

Send me a mail in our websites or in facebook and we will look into it

Demotions ain't happening to people cus they are bad players or bad officers, they have done their job really well.
I would like to thank you guys and girls from the bottom of our Relient tiger heart!
This is a must to happen so that we can continue the legazy that we have all worked really hard!
We love you guys and girls

Your's sincerely
Pfft for the typos

Ventrilo: Up & Running

Parvbby, Oct 10, 10 3:43 PM.
Hey guys,

I know I have not been able to spend much time with you, due to work and family issues, and I apologize for that. So in return, I have set up a ventrilo server for you guys. It is a 15man server, and you will have it for 6 months. I know that a lot of you were fond of the old server, and it was a great way to help and benefit each other. So here is our new ventrilo:

PORT: 3842
It is still a working progress, but it has that new vent smell. Feel free to break it in as much as you like, it is all yours!

Your leader,
Parv :)
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